Summer Diary 2015

Schools out for summer!! oh how I used to love that feeling running out the school gate. As a kid. As a mum, I have a little more trepidation – I’ve become far too reliant on the kids being entertained, educated and socialised by other people for half the day; what do you mean I now have to do it on my own ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!! With three under six?!

There are precisely 59 days to get through this year. Not that I’m counting.  I love my angels, I really do – I’m just well, too easily distracted!  I think of blog posts and tap them out while I’m building train sets; I capture a cute moment, quick up load it to Instagram while they’re eating lunch; the kids are enjoying an iPad game, quick screenshot .  Ok, enough side-tracking its time to learn that strategic art of work life balance! (Do put your hands up if you’ve found it, I’m sure there’s just a few hundred million mums around the world who’d like the answer!)

After my surviving summer post I thought it’s best to put my words in to action to show how I’m doing (or hopelessly failing) at keeping the Globetrotters entertained when it’s sweltering outside in the UAE. I will continue to update this page throughout the summer including our travels around Australia for a month.

Like many expats worldwide we partake in the summer exodus, taking our children back to reality land.  As the children are still so young, and Mr Globetrotter can only take a couple of weeks off at a time, this usually involves heading back to our home country where we have family support and I can easily travel with the kids on my own for at least part of the summer.  We have family in both Victoria and Western Australia so as you can imagine this involves quite a bit of trekking around, but we love it and know the kids do to!

Our Summer exodus to Australian winter | BabyGlobetrotters.Net

For those new to the Baby Globetrotters Blog we are an Aussie/British expat family living in the UAE with three energetic kids 5, 3 & (almost) 1.   We love to explore and travel – near and far from home – and share our overseas adventures as well as what every day life is like in the Middle East.  Don’t forget you can also follow us on social media

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