Explore My City

In a great new addition to the Baby Globetrotters Blog, we have added a special section for guest posts “Explore My City”.

Baby Globetrotters Explore my City  Guest Posts | BabyGlobetrotters.Net

Be it a guide for what to do during a 24 hour stop, staycation inspiration for a long weekend or a well travelled tourist agenda for your visitors, this is the place to come; Stories written by residents and expats, for expats and visitors alike to make the most of your time in a new and exciting location – and uncover some useful gems of information that you might not find in guide books.

Top 10 things for kids to do on Côte d’Azur – Pheobe Thomas from Lou Messugo

Festivals in Okinawa – Laura from Fun Flying Four

Where to take visitors with kids in Seattle – Postcards from Seattle

Things to do in Mannheim – Jennifer from American Faultier

Secret Spots on a Little Island – Mauritius with kids – Natalie from Natalie James Photography

To appear as a Guest Blogger and feature your city, email Keri ~ babyglobetrotters@gmail.com

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