Our Florida Challenge


Why put yourself through holidaying pain with your kids this Spring break when you can simply live vicariously through the Globetrotters.

The Mission: Survive Enjoy 2 weeks of family fun & shopping in FloridaFlorida2012_131

When: 25 March to 12 April 2015

Who: The whole Globetrotter clan – Mum, Dad, Miss Z (5), Master L (2.5), Master J (8 months) with Nan & Pop Globetrotter

Where: A short stop in Doha, Qatar then a long-haul flight to Miami, followed by a road trip to Orlando, 10 nights of the best they have to offer before making the trek back. Nan & Pop will be trekking from country Australia, taking a three-leg flight to join us.

Why: Because we’ve always enjoyed a challenge.  Besides a family travel-bloggers gotta travel right?

Join us while we ponder through the list of challenges our fun- filled, action-packed two weeks in Florida will bring us, including:


  • The stop-over challenge
  • The long-haul flight challenge
  • The busy bag challenge
  • The iPad challenge
  • The jet lag challenge
  • The packing challenge
  • The warm weather challenge
  • The theme park challenge
  • The OMG not another theme park challenge
  • The Keri is a big wimp challenge
  • The shopping challenge
  • The multi-generation challenge
  • The frugal traveler challenge


Anyone exhausted just reading this list?  And this is all before we get there! For all the latest, join our fan page on facebook.  I will also be keeping you all updated through Instagram and Twitter in the lead up to our trip – but I have promised myself just a little tech-free time during the vacation.  A full report card will of course be given on our return.

Please feel free to join the fun, comment on posts, suggest and confess as you feel the need!

disneyNote I own shares in Disney. If anyone has seen our house you will see why.  I may make $0.00001 return on any purchases you make at Disney or on any Disney related merchandise you purchase globally.  If the idea of undertaking a family mission to Disney World is too much to bare, may I suggest you also buy shares in Disney instead; Forget all those beautiful memories you will create but I promise you its the best investment for their college fund you could possibly make.

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