Guide to airlines and airports


Baby Globetrotters are reviewing the world’s top International Airlines and Airports.  As you can imagine this is no easy task so its taking a little time!

So far we have provided our family-friendly review on the top 10 Airlines as voted for in the 2014 Skytrax Passenger Choice Awards, come check them out and see if you agree:

1.  Cathay Pacific Airways

2.   Qatar Airways

3.   Singapore Airlines

4.   Emirates

5.   Turkish Airlines

6.   ANA All Nippon Airways

7.   Garuda Indonesia

8.   Asiana Airlines

9.   Etihad Airways

10. Lufthansa

For more on what we are looking for in a family-friendly airline and how to read between the lines on airline awards, come and see our Introduction to Airline Reviews article.

We will have more on airports coming soon too!

BabyGlobetrotters.Net family-friendly airline review

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