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30 steps to prepare for family travel

Tickets booked? Hotel reservations made?  Travel guides purchased? In all the excitement to get your suitcases packed and getting out the door, don’t forget about some of the mundane daily life things that need taking care of before you go on vacation. Here are the Baby Globetrotter’s 30 really […]

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Surprising Sri Lanka

My lesson in letting go and discovering my inner wanderlust I like to pretend I’m a go with the flow kinda gal, I really do. Especially since I met my husband I try not to plan things out too far ahead, other than booking accommodation I turn up […]

5 Can’t live without carry-on items

What items can you simply not survive a flight without?  Here’s a taster of five items I always take in my carry-on bag;  Wet wipes. You can be sure whatever can be knocked over, spilled, smudged, ground in, stuck to hair etc etc will happen in that tiny […]

Summer Essentials

Why I am more excited than stressed by this summers travel! In two months time (assuming that the passport processing gods work in my favour) I will be taking my first long haul flight with three under five. The thought would make most people break out in a cold […]

Barnet to the Bay

Once upon a time a family of four left London for Silicon Valley. This is our story.

A Wright Adventure

The Wright family adventures around the world

Passports and Pigtails

A Travel Family with a Passion for Authentic Connection