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Unexpected Expat Life | BabyGlobetrotters.Ne

My unexpected expat life

From the every day to the life defining, undertaking the expat life might bring about some unexpected decisions that change the way you live; not just the house you live in, the streets you walk and the culture you’re immersed in but your direction forward. Here are 5 […]

The Real Cost of Expat Living | Expatriate Life | BabyGlobetrotters.Net

The Real Cost of Expat Living

The Mercer cost of living results for 2015 have been released today; but what do cost of living survey’s really mean for expat families?  Let’s explore… As I pointed out in my last cost of living article in November, it is extremely important to read between the lines […]

What it is to be British | Expatriate Life | BabyGlobetrotters.Ne

What it is to be British

What does it take to be British? Well apparently a lot more than your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your uncles and your grandparents being British. I am a dual citizen. I have an Australian and a British passport, but I was not born in either of […]

Summer Survival | Expatriate Life | BabyGlobetrotters.Ne

Summer Survival in the Scorching Heat

I love summer. It’s my favourite season, or at least it was; until I had kids. Now long summer evenings  = impossible to put toddlers to bed; sunny afternoons = slather on the sunscreen or hide in the shade.  Oh, and then we go and move to topsy-turvy […]

My Expat Family | Expatriate Life | BabyGlobetrotters

My Expat Family is Growing!

Great news for expat blog fans, there’s a new online forum on its way! Many of my regular readers would have seen some links appearing on my articles for ‘My Expat Family’ – this is a monthly blog link up set up by fellow expat blogger Chantelle – […]

5 things I miss about Australia

This weekend marks a very significant occasion for citizens of Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.  It has been 100 years since the landing of the first troops in Gallipoli, the ANZACs (The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). 25 April marked the beginning of a fierce campaign that […]

International Kids

Ever wake up with that nagging feeling that there’s something on today?  Something you’ve forgotten? Then you realize it was something the kids were supposed to do for school.  Something that between fevers and midnight feeds, and heaven help us setting up your own business, that perhaps it’s […]

Barnet to the Bay

Once upon a time a family of four left London for Silicon Valley. This is our story.

A Wright Adventure

The Wright family adventures around the world

Passports and Pigtails

A Travel Family with a Passion for Authentic Connection