About the Globetrotters

Not everything about travelling with kids runs smoothly. In fact, it’s bloody hard work! –  things can and do (regularly!) go wrong but we hope by sharing our adventures with you – the good the bad and the darn right vomit covered awful – we will encourage more of you to get out there with your kids and explore the world from a new perspective.

Our fabulous stories simply wouldn’t be possible without our little stars of the show, so we are proud to introduce:

Miss Z (a.k.a. Miss 5)

PicMonkey Collage -Zoe

Our flying cyclone of mischief, global adventurer and long-haul expert. A born water baby and moderate thrill seeker she is incredibly spirited (read defiant), knowledgeable (know it all) and always willing (sometimes with hissy fit) to give it a go – on her terms. She was flying well before she was walking and has stepped foot on five continents, so far.

Travel aspiration; see it all, tick it off, be in every photo

Master L (a.k.a. Master 3, baby blue eyes)

PicMonkey Collage - Liam

Our charming little man with a smile to kill, fearless on a cliff edge but terrified of ants and monsters. He believes he is a dinosaur reincarnated.  A copy cat, chatter box, trouble finder, crocodile eating avid plane spotter who still loves his naps.

Travel aspiration; Become a pilot (when he can master sitting still on a plane)

Master J (a.k.a. the baby)

PicMonkey Collage - Jack

Our sweet sleeping angel (usually) he loves to gurgle, kicks his legs, sucks his dummy and vomits if he eats too much. He hadn’t a clue he’s ever been on a plane but likes to watch his brother and sister and feel included, suffers from FOMO.

Travel aspiration: Have the Home Office recognise he is British too and give him his passport!

Keri (a.k.a. Mum, mummy, mumma, madam, Mrs Globetrotter)

PicMonkey Collage - MumAn over prepared but never quite organized big scaredy cat with a growing and unhealthy obsession with plastic bags. Blog it, snap it, collect it, capture it. Loves planning the trip and tries to be cool and relaxed when things aren’t quite going right, honest.

Travel aspiration; Survive with my sanity intact and learn to sleep on a plane

And last but not least…

Mr Globetrotter (a.k.a. Mr H, the pack horse, awesome daddy, dadda, hey you, Sir)

PicMonkey Collage -Dad

Carrier of passports, exchanger of cash, hauler of multiple suitcases and master of the shoulder ride; he is our frequent flyer point collector extraordinaire, and occasional monster slayer. Nothing makes him happier than exhausted kids tucked in to bed and a beer in his hand watching sport.

Travel aspiration; Try the local brew in every country

 We are a far from perfect travelling crew, but we are having a lot of fun trying!

Keep up to date with all our latest adventures in Abu Dhabi and abroad, holiday planning and current expat and travel news on social media as well


PicMonkey Collage - family

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